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You are currently in the process of preparing your studies abroad and are still looking for some valuable tips & tricks? Find lots of information about financial assistance, language proficiency tests or housing options abroad here. We also have some tips regarding international health insurance or the visa application process. You require more support organizing your time abroad? Just schedule a personal consultation with us! If you have any tips yourself, which might help prospective students during their planning, please feel free to contact us. We are always grateful for your input.

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Study abroad at Asia Pacific University Malaysia

Asia Pacific University

24.06.2024 15:00 - Marisa Kasselmann

Asia Pacific University

Would you like to spend your semester abroad at a renowned university and explore Southeast Asia at the same time? Asia Pacific University in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur offers you both. In our webinar you will find out more about your options.

24.06.2024 at 15:00 with Marisa Kasselmann

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Experience Down Under - study abroad in Australia & New Zealand

World of Students

26.06.2024 16:00 - Marisa Kasselmann


Once down under, please! In Australia and New Zealand you can not only do work and travel, but also study excellently. If this is just right for you, we will be happy to inform you about our offers in Oceania.

26.06.2024 at 16:00 with Marisa Kasselmann

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Tips & Tricks for Preparing for Your Study Abroad

Preparation for studying abroad: Financing


Financing options for the adventure of studying abroad, both within and outside the EU

Preparation for studying abroad: Scholarships


Financing your study abroad or semester abroad is also possible through scholarships

Preparation for studying abroad: International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance

To start your adventure worry-free, you'll need international health insurance in any case

Preparation for studying abroad: Finding a place to live while studying abroad

Housing Info

Finding a place to live while studying abroad

Preparation for studying abroad: Language Tests for studying abroad

Language Tests

Students need proof of their language skills for studying abroad

Preparation for studying abroad: Visa for studying abroad worldwide

Visa Worldwide

Information on obtaining your visa for studying abroad


Experiences of our students

Seattle Study Abroad

Seattle Study Abroad

My semester abroad in Seattle was one of the best times I’ve ever had. I flew to Seattle at the end of March to have a few days to settle in before the university started in mid-April.

Study abroad in the USA – Westcliff University

Study abroad in the USA – Westcliff University

I have always dreamed of studying in the USA. You get to see so much in movies about American college life and how different it is from the European college experience. I was also fascinated by the country itself when I traveled there with my family.

Study Abroad Canada

Study Abroad Canada

Studying abroad has numerous advantages, regardless of where you study. Making new contacts, expanding or deepening your language skills and gaining insights into a foreign culture are just a few of them.

My Academic Gap Year Experience in New York

My Academic Gap Year Experience in New York

Like many of you, shortly before the Abitur exams, I had no idea what I wanted to study, or what I would like to become, not even talking about what I wanted to do right after graduation.

Semester Abroad in California

Semester Abroad in California

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a study abroad program that enriched my academic and personal growth. Spending a semester at SDSU broadened my horizons, exposed me to a diverse community, and allowed me to immerse myself in a vibrant cultural and educational environment.

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