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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is the largest private university in Europe with campuses in Milan, Rome, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona.
It is characterized by a strong international imprint, for its services to students, and its academic quality; 13 of our academic disciplines are listed in the top 300 QS Global Rankings by Subject (2020).
Our Milan campus is located on hallowed turf. Developed around the original site of a monastery, our Milan campus is in the very heart of the city. Home to over 20,000 students, our Doric and Ionic cloisters provide a haven of peace and grace within a city which offers an abundance of food, history, heritage and choice.

Università Europea di Roma

Università Europea di Roma

Università Europea di Roma is a private university founded in 2005 that is rapidly growing in terms of teaching quality, research and status. Its innovative educational project is characterized by its academic excellence and the central role played by students through an effective, dynamic and close interaction with the faculty members.

As part of an international network of universities, our global institution integrates its educational project with a wide range of international and social experiences creating prepared professionals with high human values who will positively affect society.

The modern campus of Università Europea is located at only 5 min by train from the centre of Rome, a city that embodies the best of the Italian culture as it offers an inimitable blend of history, art, culture, life and opportunity.

Please note that you would either need a vaccination, a regular test or must have recovered from Corona in order to study at the Universita Europea di Roma. A test will cost students about 15€ and must be done on a regularly basis.

La Dolce Vita! This is the motto you will be greeted with during a semester abroad in Italy. And not without reason - because in the sunny country in the south of Europe, life is enjoyed to the fullest! Good food, tasty wine and conviviality are the top priorities for Italians. This way of life is not only contagious, but also turns the adventure of a semester abroad into an unforgettable experience for students from all over the world. And Italy is also at the top of its game when it comes to education - Italy's dream universities offer a high-quality education system with outstanding courses in impressive historic buildings. Then, after a day at university, there's nothing better than exploring the country's diversity: It's hard to get enough of gorgeous beaches, thriving landscapes and rich culture here! In the fascinating capital city of Rome, you'll encounter impressive museums, ancient ruins and monuments, as well as inviting cafes and countless shopping opportunities. Studying in Italy means taking advantage of the excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Italian language by ordering your favorite pizza and pasta, joining guided tours of the Colosseum, or learning more about the country and its people by talking to the Italians themselves. With this, Italy simply has something to offer for everyone!

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