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Dorset College Dublin

Dorset College Dublin

Dorset College is located in the heart of Dublin City, approximately 8 minutes’ walk to O’Connell Street, (main street of Dublin city). We are located in beautiful Georgian buildings with history and a great atmosphere with parks and amenities nearby.
Dorset College has approximately 1,200 students in total with a student centric approach from all the professors. Professors are known on a first name basis and get to know the students on a first name basis also. It is a lovely learning environment with a personal friendly approach to education. The student experience is fantastic in Dorset College with many clubs and societies and workshops organised throughout the semester. There are excursions to visit famous tourist attractions in Ireland such as the tallest Cliffs in Europe to Skellig Michael where star wars was filmed. There is plenty to do and see. The social life in Dublin is great and Dorset College has student nights organised throughout the year also.

Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College is Ireland's largest independent third level institution with locations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Established over 40 years ago, Griffith College enjoys national and a growing international reputation for student success. The College has gained an enviable, award winning reputation for providing students with first class lectures and excellent study material.

Green hilly landscapes, clear lakes, peaceful rivers and impressive cliffs - welcome to Ireland, the land of numerous myths and legends about fairies and goblins! In combination with the high-quality education at Irish universities, this magical country is an absolute dream destination for a semester abroad that promises magical moments. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you will meet young and party-loving Irish people in the capital city of Dublin. Dublin is not only known for its enchanting mythologies, but also has the status of being the youngest capital city in Western Europe with numerous local pubs where you can end the with a Guinness or two. It is hard not to get infected by the legendary music scene with its many folk bands! While the pubs and clubs are full of partying, Ireland also offers great opportunities for quieter moments. The many historical museums, green parks and countless churches and castle ruins are a particular delight for visitors to the country. The Irish landscape is characterized by a wild beauty that is second to none. Set off on hikes along the spectacular coastal paths, explore the mysterious ruins of old monasteries and castles or enjoy the tranquility of the untouched moors and meadows.

A highlight for many students is certainly the opportunity to experience Irish hospitality and warmth at first hand. The people of Ireland are known for their openness and friendliness, and it is easy to make new friends. In the small, cozy pubs in the countryside or in the lively bars in the cities, you can quickly strike up a conversation and get to know Irish culture at first hand. Ireland also offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the adventurous. Whether kayaking along the rivers, surfing on the wild Atlantic beaches or climbing in the rugged mountains - there is something for everyone here. And if you long for a little time out, you can relax in one of the many idyllic villages that invite you to linger with their rural charm and serenity.

In short, a semester abroad in Ireland promises not only a first-class academic experience, but also unforgettable adventures and encounters that will enrich your life in the long term. One thing is certain - you can enjoy the relaxed attitude to life to the full during your outstanding international study experience in Ireland!

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