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If you look at a map, the shape of one country in particular jumps out at you: Chile. With a length of 4300 kilometers and an average width of just 180 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean, Chile is absolutely unique. Due to its elongated shape, the country on the west coast of South America is characterized by an incredible diversity of landscapes. While the Atacama Desert in the north is the driest region on earth, the endless expanses of Patagonia stretch out in the south, from ice landscapes to fjords to dense primeval forests. In the east you can admire the Andes with their glaciers and volcanoes. The diversity of Chile is also reflected in its culture. While especially the big cities seem almost European, there are numerous indigenous population groups, especially in the far north, in the Andes and in the south, which shape the Chilean identity. If you enroll in one of the many universities in the capital, Santiago de Chile, the economic and cultural center of the country, you have the perfect geographical starting point for numerous unforgettable adventures!

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Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

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