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Bachelor Top Up Abroad:

International Bachelor's Degree: Top Up!

Have you already studied for two years at a university in your home country or successfully completed a school education? Do you want to earn a bachelor's degree without starting from scratch? Then the Top Up is just right for you. This opportunity allows you to continue your studies at an international university and obtain a degree, with your previous education and academic achievements being recognized. The Top Up serves as a bridge between your existing education and an internationally recognized bachelor's degree. The duration of this study program varies depending on your prior education but typically ranges between one and one and a half years. During this time, you can not only grow academically but also experience the excitement of living in a new country, discovering a new culture, and deepening your language skills. Furthermore, the Top Up offers the opportunity to form international friendships that will accompany you throughout your life. Upon successfully completing your Top-Up bachelor's, more doors open for you. You can pursue a master's program in your desired field and continue your academic journey. This option allows you to delve even deeper into your field of expertise and enhance your career prospects.

Benefit in Many Ways from a Top Up

A Top Up not only provides the opportunity to build on existing knowledge and skills but also offers many other advantages. Your international experience is highly valued in the professional world and can open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Employers appreciate the skills you develop during your overseas studies, such as intercultural competence, adaptability, and communication skills. This makes you a valuable candidate in the global job market.

Your Path to an International Degree and More

The Top Up is the perfect opportunity to continue your educational journey without leaving behind qualifications you've already earned. Not only can you obtain an internationally recognized bachelor's degree, but you can also gain valuable experiences that will enrich your life and expand your career prospects. We are here to answer your questions and assist you in planning your Top Up studies. Contact us today and embark on your journey to new horizons and opportunities!

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Study abroad at Asia Pacific University Malaysia

Asia Pacific University

24.05.2024 15:00 - Marisa Kasselmann

Asia Pacific University

Would you like to spend your semester abroad at a renowned university and explore Southeast Asia at the same time? Asia Pacific University in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur offers you both. In our webinar you will find out more about your options.

24.05.2024 at 15:00 with Marisa Kasselmann

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Webinar: Study in Northamerica

World of Students

29.05.2024 16:00 - Julia Opfer


Do you want your American Dream to come true? Find out more about studying abroad in the USA & Canada! We have great universities on the American east and west coast and attractive courses in the English-speaking part of Canada.

29.05.2024 at 16:00 with Julia Opfer

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Study abroad in Australia at ICMS

International College of Management, Sydney

04.06.2024 14:00 - Bianca Sauer

International College of Management, Sydney
04.06.2024 at 14:00 with Bianca Sauer

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