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With its incredible expanse, extraordinary wildlife and plant diversity, and the longest coastline in the world, studying in Canada is a true dream. Since Canada has over 10% of the world's forest area, it may come as no surprise that 90% of the country is absolutely uninhabited. Thus, the untouched nature is not only a true paradise for every outdoor lover, but also offers flora and fauna an incomparable home. In search of grizzlies, moose or wolves, many a hiker has found what he is looking for in the countless forest areas of Canada. In the total of 44 national parks of the neighboring country of the USA, every visitor to Canada can witness a unique natural spectacle. In addition to the scenic highlights that Canada has to offer, the second largest country after Russia of course also has countless English, but also French-speaking metropolises. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal inspire with their enormous cultural offer, and also the culinary scene does not come too short by its innumerable restaurants and bars. Let yourself be impressed by the landscape and the incomparable friendliness of the Canadians during your semester abroad.

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Capilano University

Capilano University

CapU is a “home away from home” to more than 4,500 international students from 86 countries around the world. Join our culturally diverse and global yet close-knit community!

We are a fully accredited public institution offering a dynamic learning environment that challenges you, allows you to explore your potential and connects you to new experiences and opportunities. As a teaching-focused university, we offer small, interactive classes taught by industry-trained instructors who know your name and care about your goals.

Minutes from CapU main campus in North Vancouver, B.C., you’ll find hiking and mountain biking trails, secret beaches, and world-class ski resorts with spectacular views of the Vancouver skyline. With our convenient location, you can also access the busy and vibrant Vancouver's shopping, restaurants, and arts and culture scenery within 30 mins.

University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a place for learners, leaders, and seekers. It is where you can pursue your passion while getting a world-class education in a vibrant and scenic setting. The beautiful Fraser Valley is located just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, and only 10 minutes north of the USA border. With its mild weather, thriving cities, and breathtaking scenery, the Fraser Valley provides an exceptional quality of life. It is the perfect place to live and study.

UFV is an accredited public Canadian university which serves 14,000 students, 1,500 of which are international students. UFV offers 17 bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees, and over 100 certificates and diploma programs. Some of our most popular and well known programs include:
• Business
• Graphic Design
• Science and Technology
• Psychology and social sciences
• Computer Information Systems
• Media Arts
• Agriculture

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University

Founded in 1936, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a public university with more than 120 study programs in various fields. Small class sizes of 34 students maximum provide the ideal learning environment and a dynamic dialogue between students and professors.
The main VIU campus is located in the harbor city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, attracting students with the warmest weather in Canada. This spectacular location allows for various outdoor activities and sports all year round due to the close proximity to the mountains, the forest and the ocean. Big city life in Vancouver is only a ferry ride away and the tourist attraction Victoria is reachable within a short car or bus ride.