Our World of Students Team

World of Students is a creative team specialized in offering travel-loving adults the opportunity to find the right university at home or abroad and the chance to spend an unforgettable time abroad. All of our team members have spent some time abroad themselves, for example as part of a student exchange, gap year, internship abroad or study abroad. Our stays abroad have enriched each of us incredibly and created memories we will never forget. That’s why we want to give students the chance to find the perfect study program with the help of our database.

All team members & study advisors at a glance

Svenja Preker - Director of Marketing & Süd-Europa SpezialistinSvenja Preker – Director of Marketing & Southern Europe Specialist
Marisa Kasselmann – Asien & Ozeanien SpezialistinMarisa Kasselmann - Asia & Oceania Specialist
Nadine Krenz – Online Marketing & AdministrationNadine Krenz - Online Marketing & Administration
Managing Director Sabine SachsSabine Sachs – Managing Director
Julia OpferJulia Opfer – North America & Western Europe Specialist
Tim Stieffenhofer – Web Development & DesignTim Stieffenhofer – Web Development & Design
Greta Arndt – Social Media Marketing & OrganisationGreta Arndt – Social Media Marketing & Organisation