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American College of Thessaloniki

American College of Thessaloniki

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is a private, non-profit, US College in Greece. ACT is offering challenging, high quality study programs: Advanced studies with the style and substance of a true American University. At ACT, students from the US study alongside with students from Greece, Europe and students from all over the world and therefore study in a diverse, multicultural environment where students are encouraged to grow, develop and enhance their interpersonal skills.

Thessaloniki is a mid-size city and can be experienced and enjoyed like a campus. The city center is walkable – 30 minutes by foot from east to west. It is home to one of the longest urban waterfront in Europe, completed in 2014. Walk, run, stroll, ride a bicycle, people-watch, gaze at the water and sunsets.

With its countless small islands, fantastic weather, fascinating landscapes and delicious Mediterranean food, Greece is a true vacation paradise that invites you to relax and explore. But this small and glowing country at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa is also ideal for studying abroad. Known worldwide as the home of famous philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the land of exciting mythological stories, Greece offers a unique educational experience.

The American College of Thessaloniki allows you to immerse yourself in the ancient and modern Greek world and study where others go on vacation. What makes Thessaloniki so special is the exciting multicultural life with many young people. In the city in the north of Greece, people dance, laugh and party - even with a traditional Greek wine or two on the beautiful promenade right by the sea. A late summer night in the Greek tavernas and a trip to the paradisiacal beaches is simply something you have to experience and will make your dream of studying abroad in Greece come true!

Greece is not only known for its rich history and culture, but also for its outstanding academic institutions and study programs. The American College of Thessaloniki offers a variety of degree programs in fields such as business, political science, international relations and much more. Through highly qualified faculty and an inspiring learning environment, the college enables its students to realize their full academic potential while experiencing the beauty and diversity of Greece.

Thessaloniki's location as a gateway to the Balkans and its proximity to other European countries make it an ideal base for travel and exploration. From ancient ruins to picturesque villages, Greece offers a wealth of sights and activities to discover. Studying abroad in Greece therefore promises not only a first-class academic experience, but also unforgettable adventures and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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