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Experiencing life in a foreign country, its people and culture – this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can be yours during a full bachelor’s degree abroad. Many students find their path towards self-fulfillment through studying abroad in a foreign country. This is because universities abroad offer a much broader selection of study programs than what we are used to in Western Europe. Apart from the choice of major, many other aspects of studying abroad are appealing and unique. Studying at a sunny coastal region, in beautiful mountain areas or in a vibrant metropolis of this world: it’s all up to you! On top of that, you can choose a specific study system based on your personal learning preferences. You can, for example, decide between a very hands-on, practical approach or a project-based study program first and decide on the destination afterwards. Studying abroad offers incomparable experiences and strengthens personal development. Students as guests in a foreign country do not only further their academic knowledge and language skills, but even more their personality. This includes most of all a growing self-esteem and independence. The uniqueness of studying abroad comprises international friendships, which can last for a lifetime. This way you can create your personal global network of contacts! Through this network and your experiences during your studies abroad, you already start laying the groundwork of your professional career – at home or in the country of your choice.

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