Your overseas health insurance

If you want to study abroad, you have a good international education, adventure, and fun in mind. However, to start your adventure with peace of mind, you will definitely need health insurance abroad. Most universities abroad require all international students to have health insurance. Even if you are still insured through your parents, you will need an additional policy to cover illness abroad. If you plan to study within Europe, your European health card is usually sufficient. This must often be presented as proof when applying or directly at arrival at the university.

In many cases, the international universities themselves offer health insurance abroad. However, it is important to note that it is usually cheaper to take out the insurance from Germany. If this applies to you, you should definitely check whether the German health insurance offers all aspects that are required by your university abroad.

In principle, it is helpful to choose the right health insurance abroad based on the scope of services covered, the price range and, of course, the validity in the host country. However, we have summarized a few more aspects that you should pay attention to:

International Health Insurance – what you should pay attention to:

  • Is the insurance company reputable?
  • Is there an age limit, or will this be exceeded during the semester abroad?
  • What exactly is covered?
  • Are there limits on the amount of insurance for certain concerns?
  • Is the insurance recognized by the university abroad?
  • How high is the deductible in case of illness?
  • Is one also insured in Germany, should one stay in Germany during the study abroad?
  • Is an extension possible?
  • Is the insurance paid monthly or the total amount before departure?
  • Is there a refund if the semester abroad is cancelled?
  • Are eye and dental visits covered?
  • Are preventive medical exams covered?
  • Are pre-existing conditions and chronic conditions covered (e.g. allergies, heart conditions, asthma, etc.)?

Overseas Health Insurance – Costs:

There is not much that can be said about the costs of an international health insurance. The cost factor depends on many factors, such as your age, your destination country, the duration of your stay there and, of course, the desired combination of benefits of the insurance. It is especially important that you do not just look at the price while comparing different providers. It is also advisable to contact the insurance company as soon as possible in case of illness. That way you know exactly what the next steps are, what documents you need to submit and how to get your money as quickly as possible. Often it also makes sense to issue a power of attorney for insurance matters to your parents, for example, as it is often easier to stay in contact with the insurance company from Germany. If you want to study abroad, you should find out early on which international health insurance is the best choice for you. In return, you can then throw yourself into the adventure without a care in the world!