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BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in all of Europe. The main campus is located in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and is a beautiful student city. BI is an independent, not-for-profit foundation and the main provider of research based knowledge on business and management disciplines in Norway. International students have the option to complete a full Bachelor's or full Master's degree at BI Norwegian Business School.

In Norway, students study among breathtaking mountain ranges, idyllic fjords, thousands of islands and charming cities. Hardly any other country can match this wide range of landscapes. Universities in Norway are known above all for their high academic standards and the close cooperation between students and teachers. There is also a wide choice of study programs in English and a varied range of social leisure activities. But this is not the only attraction for prospective students from all over the world. Norway stands in the first place for a high quality of life. The Scandinavian country has made it to number 1 in the Human Development Index for quality of life several times. Norwegians are particularly content and hospitable. Is there any better condition for studying abroad? So go ahead, get involved in the Norwegian adventure!

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