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With mountains over 3000 meters tall, tropical beaches and coconut palms, Taiwan is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world. Especially fascinating is the Taiwanese capital Taipei, an economically advanced and trendy metropolis that offers glimpses into ancient Chinese history and traditions on every corner. Besides the countless opportunities to learn Chinese, Taipei also provides excellent study opportunities in many other subjects - especially in natural sciences and engineering. During a semester abroad in this exciting city, you'll have the opportunity to explore Taiwan's beautiful nature of rainforests, hot springs, and beaches, and indulge in delicious traditional foods at street food stalls or superb restaurants.

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Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University, formerly known as Shih Chien College of Home Economics, is a private university located in the center of Taipei, Taiwan (China). Over the years, the institution evolved from a junior college to an institution with the power to grant Bachelor’s degrees and was renamed Shih Chien College of Design and Management in 1991. In 1997, the institution was promoted to university status.