The Università Europea di Roma is a private university in Rome that offers diverse degree programs in business, law, politics, tourism and psychology. The university has an international reputation and attracts a large number of international students every year. In my year there were about 130 students from all over the world.

One of the reasons I chose to study abroad at the Università Europea di Roma was to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (in my opinion). Rome is rich in culture and history (and of course excellent food) and offers many opportunities - especially for young people. During the semester abroad you have the opportunity to learn the language, get to know the Italian way of life and have many valuable experiences. The university itself is very well equipped and offers various opportunities for students. I found the lecturers to be competent. I took courses outside of my field of study and was thus able to gain insight into various disciplines, which I retrospectively find very valuable. The courses I took were taught in English, but there are also courses in Italian that students can take. A parallel language course is offered. However, if you have no prior knowledge of the language, I would not advise you to take the Italian lectures.

Above all, a semester abroad in Rome offers many opportunities to make new friends from all over the world and, most importantly: to have fun. The university has an active student body that organizes events and provides a supportive environment to help you find your way in your new surroundings. On the campus itself, there is the possibility to rent a room and to take part in various sports activities on the university grounds. Since the university is located relatively far outside the city center and it is sometimes difficult to get back - especially late in the evening, I would rather try to find accommodation somewhere else. I found a room in a shared apartment through the platform AirBnb, which I shared with two other students from Germany. I was lucky and lived near the historic center in the Trastevere district, which is known among other things as a student district. There were numerous restaurants, bars and nightlife options. In general, however, there is a wide selection of appropriate places in each neighborhood. The time was very special - especially because of the community and this very special atmosphere in the city. I found it special to live here for several months and thus also get to know another Rome away from the Colosseum and the many tourist attractions. I definitely fell in love with the city! The people I have perceived as very warm and open. The only drawback is perhaps that the city is much more expensive than initially expected (e.g. bars, clubs, restaurants) - but worth every penny! Overall, a semester abroad at the Università Europea di Roma offers a unique opportunity to study in a fascinating city and meet people from different countries. It is definitely an experience not to be missed!