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Covering an area of almost two million square kilometers, Mexico is one of the most scenically and culturally diverse countries in the world. Hardly any other country is so tainted with stereotypes and at the same time has so much more to offer. In addition to the beautiful white beaches of the Caribbean coast, where vacationers and divers alike get their money's worth, surfing enthusiasts will find their paradise in the west on the Pacific coast. The well-known desert landscape with cacti is only a fraction of the Mexican nature. Large mountain ranges and volcanoes crisscross the country as well as huge jungles, savannahs, forests, gorges and canyons. Not only the famous tourist paradises like Tulum or Cancún are worth a visit, but also the many colonial cities with their unique architecture. The buildings of the Aztecs and Mayas can also be described as unique, especially Teotihuacán and Chichén Itzá, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In the large metropolises, such as Mexico City, the diversity of Mexican culture is evident. Typical Mexican cuisine with tacos and tequilas can be found as well as great star restaurants. Aztec and colonial architecture meets the most modern skyscrapers and exciting museums provide insight into Mexico's eventful past. A country that invites exploration like no other, with people who are among the most hospitable on earth.

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Anáhuac Cancún University

Anáhuac Cancún University

Anáhuac Cancún University, located in beautiful Cancún directly next to the Caribbean Sea is one of the leading private universities in Mexico and offers international students an incredible academic experience in a tropical climate. International students from over 18 different countries form great networks for the future and have the chance to explore some of the most beautiful nature while studying abroad. Study areas from business to hospitality to health studies offer a diverse variety of courses for students, who are also interested in learning more about the Mexican culture and maybe even improving their Spanish skills.