Viet Nam vnForeign Trade University - Campus Ho Chi Minh City

University Description:

Foreign Trade University (FTU) is a public university in Vietnam which was established in 1960. The main university is located in Hanoi but FTU also has campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ninh.
Foreign Trade University is one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. All classes are taught in English, thereofre FTU is currently the best study abroad opportunity in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh city is formerly known as Saigon and is the largest city in Vietnam. It is located in the world’s most rapidly growing metropolitan areas.

Term system & start dates:

Bachelor: Semester

  • 1. Term Jan to May
  • 2. Term Aug to Dec

Master: Semester

  • 1. Term Jan to Jun
  • 2. Term Aug to Jan
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Location: Ho Chi Minh