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University Description:

College of the Desert is an American community college located in Palm Desert, California. If you are looking for a wonderful destination in the USA with affordable tuition in comparison to the common US institutions, COD is the place to study. The community college offers Certificate and Associate degree, but no full Bachelor or Master degrees for its students. However, the semester abroad program for international students is very attractive given the large variety of reputable study programs to choose from. COD offers a high-level of academic flexibility and an opportunity to study and live in one of the U.S. top tourist destinations. The Coachella Music Festival, outdoor sports, mountain adventures, and resort living are just some of advantages of COD's area, which is sunny 350 days of the year. The college also offers free and low-cost regional excursions to places like Hollywood, LA/San Diego beaches, amusement parks, and professional sporting events.

Term system & start dates:

Bachelor: Semester

  • 1. Term Jan to May
  • 2. Term Aug to Dec
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Location: Palm Desert