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University Description:

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is perfect for a semester abroad. Students from over 50 different nationalities travel to Barcelona every year to take one or two semesters abroad at UAB.
Study abroad students can take part in one of the three programs:
The Pre-established Study Abroad Program; only offered to international students who can combine lessons in English with Spanish Language Lessons. The Selected Courses Study Abroad Program where international students integrate with Spanish students in lessons taught in Spanish, Catalan or English.
GAP Year Program; for students who have finished their secondary school studies and want to have a first experience at the university with other international students having lessons in English.

Term system & start dates:

Bachelor: Semester

  • 1. Term Sep to Dec
  • 2. Term Jan to Apr

Master: Semester

  • 1. Term Sep to Dec
  • 2. Term Jan to Apr
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Location: Barcelona