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University Description:

Dorset College is located in the heart of Dublin City, approximately 8 minutes’ walk to O’Connell Street, (main street of Dublin city). We are located in beautiful Georgian buildings with history and a great atmosphere with parks and amenities nearby.
Dorset College has approximately 1,200 students in total with a student centric approach from all the professors. Professors are known on a first name basis and get to know the students on a first name basis also. It is a lovely learning environment with a personal friendly approach to education. The student experience is fantastic in Dorset College with many clubs and societies and workshops organised throughout the semester. There are excursions to visit famous tourist attractions in Ireland such as the tallest Cliffs in Europe to Skellig Michael where star wars was filmed. There is plenty to do and see. The social life in Dublin is great and Dorset College has student nights organised throughout the year also.

Term system & start dates:

Bachelor: Semester

  • 1. Term Sep to Dec
  • 2. Term Jan to May
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