Greece grAmerican College of Thessaloniki

University Description:

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is a private, non-profit, US College in Greece. ACT is offering challenging, high quality study programs: Advanced studies with the style and substance of a true American University. At ACT, students from the US study alongside with students from Greece, Europe and students from all over the world and therefore study in a diverse, multicultural environment where students are encouraged to grow, develop and enhance their interpersonal skills.

Thessaloniki is a mid-size city and can be experienced and enjoyed like a campus. The city center is walkable – 30 minutes by foot from east to west. It is home to one of the longest urban waterfront in Europe, completed in 2014. Walk, run, stroll, ride a bicycle, people-watch, gaze at the water and sunsets.

Term system & start dates:

Bachelor: Trimester

  • 1. Term Sep to Dec
  • 2. Term Jan to Mar
  • 3. Term Apr to Jun

Master: Quarterly

  • 1. Term Sep to Nov
  • 2. Term Nov to Jan
  • 3. Term Feb to Mar
  • 4. Term Apr to Jun
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Location: Pylea